Stage 2 as of 7/11/2020 for Western Boulder County

Updated 11/9/2020


Volunteer Firefighter

Are you looking for an opportunity to serve your community? Or for the chance to try something new? Does a career in fire or emergency services appeal to you but you don’t know where to start? Our department is primarily volunteers, many of whom have gone on to career jobs, or come to us from career jobs to help mentor and stay involved. As a volunteer firefighter you’ll have the opportunity to develop skills in structural firefighting, wildland fire and emergency medical services. Find out more and contact us today!

Mitigation Crewmember

Does working outdoors appeal to you? Do you have skills with saws, small motors, or would like to learn? How about the opportunity to serve on large wildland fires as a crew member? Our mitigation team works in-district on projects ranging from homeowner landscaping and structure preparation to hazard tree cutting and fuel break projects. When the call for dispatching to large wildland fires come, they are among the first to go. Be part of a tight-knit crew, learn valuable lifelong skills and bring your best to work every day.

Support staff

From fleet maintenance, administrative assistance, web and social media presence and logistical needs, it takes a lot to make our organization work. There are opportunities to help with emergency services you may have not even considered, even future career possibilities. You don’t have to want to run into a burning building to find a way to be a part of the team. If you’ve got a skill set and time to volunteer, let us know.

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