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Volunteer Firefighter

Volunteer firefighters make up 70% of the nation’s firefighting force. It’s a tradition and a calling. The residents and communities we serve expect nothing short of the best and most capable response from us, and it’s our job to deliver. Firefighting is the pursuit of many disciplines, including emergency medical services, wildland fire, structure fire, driving and operating heavy equipment and leadership. You will get out of it what you put into it, and you’ll find a family of outstanding mentors and teachers to help you along the way.

Firefighter safety is always our highest priority. You will never be made to do something you do not think is safe. You will not be responding to calls until you have training in at least one area (for example, wildland firefighting), and you will only be expected to perform in the areas that you have been trained for.

We accept applications year-round for volunteer firefighters, and invite you to call or visit us (once social and physical distancing practices allows). We group our prospective firefighters into classes with a fall and spring class, that will work together through their probationary year, attending training, getting initial certifications and learning from our veteran firefighters.

Questions? email: personnel@lefthandfire.org or contact us.


Fire in Gregory Canyon
Structure fire training
drip torch